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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taking Stock

Last night, while watching some old Top Chef Season 5 episodes I thought I'd multitask (as usual) and go through my stash and hopefully find something that will inspire me. And I did! I found a handful of little heart yo-yos that I'd forgotten all about. 

What's in your stash?
Heart yo-yos
Musical instruments

I also found a panel of fabric with musical instruments which I could make into a lap quilt for my Mom or my sister. We'll see. How about you? What's in your stash and how did you "build" it?


Lake Dawn Road said...

Good for you Michelle, it looks great. I am looking for some time to work more on my blog. Then, I want to work on my stash as you suggested.

Kathleen C said...

Hi Michelle, this is "Kathleen in CT" from Lib-Quilters. I like your blog. I've never seen heart shaped yo-yos, so thanks for showing them. I always like to read how others use their stash fabrics.

MichelleY said...

Hello Lib-Quilters! I found this heart-shaped yo-yo maker online years ago and was just reminded of that tool when I came across the yo-yos last night.